Sydney Girls High School

An Academically Selective Girls High School

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School Council

The School Council operates as an important part of the governance of Sydney Girls High School. Representatives from parents, staff, students, the Old Girls Union, and the school community, are elected to serve on the council with different terms of office dependent on their particular constituent group. The Council aims to be as representative as possible with both P&C office bearers and parents from the school at large; students from the Prefect body and the SRC; teaching and ancillary staff; as well as community members with a continuing strong interest in the school, being eligible for nomination to the Council.

The work of the Council is to discuss and advise on issues of significance to the school such as buildings and development, networks and community support, celebrations of historic milestones and preservation of the traditions of the school.

Game bắn cá ăn tiềnCouncil meetings occur each term and ad hoc committees are established to address issues as they arise and to focus on particular items of business. One of the priorities for the School Council at the moment is the realizing of the  construction of a new building to provide accommodation for performance in Dance, Music, Debating  and Drama; delivery of lectures and master classes for seniors; as well as  alleviating  the pressure on  existing spaces  for exams.