Sydney Girls High School

Game bắn cá ăn tiềnAn Academically Selective Girls High School

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Rose garden

Game bắn cá ăn tiềnThe school is connected to many other organizations and networks within the education community and beyond.


We are supported by The Centennial Parkland Trust in the care and assessment of the trees on the site and we are  fortunate to have the assistance of the arborist to provide expert advice about ideal plantings. Many school activities take place within the precinct of The Centennial ParklandsGame bắn cá ăn tiền and the school provides reciprocal support when needed, such as students helping at the Open Days which occur annually.


Our neighbouring school, Sydney Boys HighGame bắn cá ăn tiền, is a highly significant partner, supporting social networks amongst the students with events such as  the Junior School Dance and the Annual Trivia night for the seniors. Students work together in fund raising initiatives for significant charities such as The Black Dog Institute, Red Cross and Refugee Week activities. Combined performing arts opportunities such as choir and orchestra are growing in strength.


Partnerships with the UNSW and The University of SydneyGame bắn cá ăn tiền support teacher training  through the placement of professional experience students  as well as professional dialogue. Sydney Girls High  has provided advice and feedback relevant to the teaching practice sessions conducted by the universities and continues to actively participate  in the teacher training in -school programs. The education faculties from both universities  generously provide academic and research insights to assist the professional learning program for teachers at SGHS.